Lady wearing blue light blockers

5 Foolproof Makeup Tips When Wearing Your Blue Light Blockers

By Haley Hughes

Lady wearing blue light blockers

There was a time when wearing glasses was considered dorky rather than chic. Some even find figuring out which makeup look that goes well with eyeglasses a painful activity and would rather just go with the bare minimum. 

Hey girl, you can still nail the “geek chic” look while wearing your Empire & Co. blue light blockers to protect your eyes and combat the effects of prolonged digital device usage. Here are some foolproof tips to help you look gorgeous even with your blue blockers on:

1. Lighten up — You’d think that wearing eyeglasses will cover the dark under eye circles you’ve gained from too many sleepless nights of chasing deadlines. Wrong! Your frames can highlight under-eye discoloration and sometimes cast shadows around the eyes. Applying a yellow-based concealer on the inner eye corner and on dark spots is essential in  camouflaging your dark under-eye.

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2. Play up your eyes — Elaborate eye makeup is nice and all but with the magnifying power of your eyeglasses, it will tend to look harsh and tired on you. Save the dark smokey eyeshadows for when you’re wearing contact lenses. Instead, brighten your eyes with a more neutral palette and a slightly darker hue on the crease for definition. And top it off with a winged eyeliner using tinted eyeliners in navy or copper to add more definition while brightening up the whites of your eyes.


    3. Stay away from falsies or eyelash extensions — There are two things we find annoying with the falsies and eyeglasses combo: (1) the feeling of being poked in the eye each time you blink, and (2) getting smudges on your glasses all day! Rather than lengthening your eyelashes, use a volumizing mascara on the top lashes instead. This will open up the eye area and keep your lashes — the easiest way to define your eyes and make them stand out.

    4. Don’t neglect your eyebrows — No one gets a free pass on brow grooming even when you’re wearing your specs. Yes, they may get covered by your glasses but contrary to popular belief, your brows do need a little extra TLC. Your glasses often bring more attention to the eye area and ungroomed eyebrows are a definite no-no. For a perfectly groomed brows, tweeze away strays, comb the hair up and over, and lightly fill in the sparse areas with a brow pencil.

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    5. Blot away excess foundation — The last thing you want when wearing your glasses is to have your makeup coming off and leaving indents on the bridge of your nose. Don’t you just hate that? We do too! Lift off any excess product with a damp makeup sponge and roll it over the bridge of your nose and along the tops of your cheeks and then finish with a light dusting of powder. This will give you a non-cakey, airbrushed look and will keep your glasses from sticking to your foundation.


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