A guide to choosing the best Empire & Co frames for oblong, diamond, and pear face shapes

A Guide to Choosing Frames for Uncommon Face Shapes

By Haley Hughes

A guide to choosing the best Empire & Co frames for oblong, diamond, and pear face shapes

On our previous blog, we posted a guide on choosing the best frames that would suit the most common face shapes. After receiving feedback from people saying they couldn’t match their features with the face shapes in our guide, we’re back with more. 

So, here’s part two of the guide to determining your face shapes and choosing the best frames for them.

Diamond Shape Face: Although this face shape is somewhat similar to the heart-shaped face shape, the diamond-shaped face is its own silhouette. It is characterized by distinctively broad cheekbones with parallel narrow eye lines and narrow jawlines. Being the rarest face shape doesn't mean you are limited to a few choices of frames. In fact, you're lucky as many types of frames suit diamond-shaped faces. Play up your unique features with fun funky frames, or semi-rimless frames that draw attention to your eyes. Pick wide angular frames that compliment the angular features of your face while softening the cheekbones. Or a cat-eye frame to give an illusion of more forehead width. Whichever you choose, remember to avoid narrow frames at all costs as they will only make your eyes narrower.

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Pear Shape Face: The narrowest part of the face is the forehead while the widest are the cheeks and jaw. Similar to a diamond-shaped face, you would want to emphasize your eyes and draw attention away from your cheeks and jawline. Go for a top-heavy frame or the classic cat-eye frame, both styles are best for highlighting your eyes.

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Oblong Shape Face: Both oval and oblong face shapes have narrow features. The difference between the two is in the width: length ratio, wherein the length of the oblong face is more than 1.5x longer that of the width. A person with an oblong face shape may have high cheekbones, a long nose, and a tall forehead. Choose frames that help create balanced proportions in your features such as rectangular frames that are wider than the width of your frames to create an illusion of more width. Also, don’t be afraid to go for frames with color-accented tops or ones with decorative temples. These frames add width to your oblong face.

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What did we learn from these guides? If we’ve learned anything, it’s that no matter what face shape you have, remember to play up your unique features and choose frames that will balance the proportions of your facial features. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zones and have fun with textures and colors and create your own unique style.


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