Man wearing Empire & Co blue light blockers

The Art Of Taking The Perfect Selfie With Your Blue Light Blockers

By Haley Hughes

Man wearing Empire & Co blue light blockers

No matter the age or gender, we all love taking selfies. Whether they get posted on our social media pages or stay in our phone gallery is another matter. We just love to document different moments in our lives with a camera any chance we can get. Now if you’re someone who wears glasses, taking selfies with your glasses on can be a challenge though. Nothing ruins a great selfie than shiny glasses. Ugh! Don’t you hate that too?

Since we already know your excellent taste in blue blockers, we want to make sure that you capture all the important moments in your life. Follow these tips and learn the art of taking epic selfies while leaving your frames on.

Capture the right light. There are two (2) things you’d want to avoid when taking a selfie with your glasses on: (1) glare, and (2) shadows covering your face. To take an Instagram-worthy photo, use natural lighting if possible and be aware of your position in relation to the direction of your primary source of light. When posing, put your head slight lower than the light or turn slightly away from it. Or you can also angle your glasses down a little bit to avoid the light from reflecting on it.

Work on your angles. It helps to know your best angle when taking a perfect selfie. Don’t know your best angle? Play with different angles until you find the best angle that shows off the best features of your pretty face framed by your blue light blockers. The good thing about smartphones is that you can take and delete tons of pics without wasting any film.

Different angles shot with Empire & Co blue light blockers

Trust in the power of makeup. Sometimes cosmetics can give you a much needed boost of self-confidence to take that shot and post it online. With the right makeup application, you’ll be able to enhance your best facial features without it getting drowned by your frames.

Here’s a quick guide to help you: 5 Foolproof Tips When Wearing Your Blue Light Blockers

Express Your Self. Selfies are all about you. Don’t be shy about sharing interesting things to your friends on your social media page. Lastly, a photo will not be perfect without a smile. A natural smile can lighten up your whole face and will make you look super confident and happy wearing your frame. 


Now that you have these tips to help you master the art of taking a selfie with your frames on, what are you waiting for? Time to get snappin’! Do tag us,, when you post your selfie with your Empire & Co. blue light blockers on. Remember: pic or it didn’t happen!


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