Blue light can cause early skin aging

Is My Computer Screen Aging My Skin?

By Haley Hughes

Blue light can cause early skin aging

With the spike of positive cases of Covid-19 happening recently, it seems like we’re going to be back in isolation once again. That means working and studying from home will once again be a new normal for us in the months to come. It seems like we’ll be spending more and more time in front of our gadgets than we already are. 

Now, we all know the effects of too much screen time to our eyes. That is why we have our precious Empire & Co. blue light blockers to help us protect our eyes from these harmful lights.

To add to our worries on lack of sleep and eye damage, there is a rising concern from experts that the increase in screen time will cause damage to the skin too. Gasp! But how can blue light damage the skin, you ask? 

According to Dr. Michele Farber, an expert from Schweiger Dermatology NYC, the high energy from blue light “gives blue light the ability to penetrate through the dermis than wavelengths with low energy.” Once it penetrates the skin, it stimulates the generation of reactive oxygen which causes damage to skin cells that lead to faster aging due to the accelerated breakdown of collagen and elastin. 

Although these are still emerging studies, still who would want to have dry, pigmented, and saggy skin in their 20s? Certainly not us!

We here at Empire & Co have always believed that prevention is better than cure. Here are a few steps that you can do to protect your skin from the effect of blue light.


  1. Lessen your screen time, of course. If it’s not an option for a boss babe like you, then proceed to number 2.
  2. Keep wearing your Empire & Co. blue light blockers to keep your eyes and the delicate skin surrounding it protected.
  3. Enable night mode on your screen to minimize the emittance of blue light from your devices.
  4. Remember to wear SPF daily. Sunscreen is your best protector against photo-aging and skin damage.

It’s becoming clearer that light from our fave devices are harsher than we think. As the new normal may involve additional screen time exposure for us, it would be for our best interest to diligently observe measures to protect our health.

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