Empire & Co Goal Digger blue light blocking glasses

How To Make A Fashion Statement With Your Clear Blue Light Blocking Frames

By Haley Hughes

Empire & Co Goal Digger blue light blocking glasses

Although transparent eyeglasses have been a fashion blogger’s staple since last year, it has recently become the cool kids “It” frame. While most would opt for bolder eyewear, rocking the clear glasses is a smart and discreet way to make a fashion statement. 

The good thing about transparent glasses is that they are easy to wear, complementing almost any skin tone and any type of face shape. These clear glasses are the perfect unisex frames, even your boyfriend can pull off this trend. Just be ready for your pair to be snatched away though.

It might seem difficult to style your transparent eyewear but is easier than you think. Read on as we give you style tips on how to rock this trend.

#1. Pick a frame that suits your face shape.

The first step to rocking the clear frames trend is to find a frame that suits your face shape. Ideally, the rule is to choose a frame that will highlight your best features and downplay the weaker ones. Not sure how to pick which frame suits you best? Check out our blog posts on choosing frames based on your face shape below.


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#2. Bigger is better

Transparent glasses are almost invisible from afar. Make your statement eyewear standout with oversized frames that are always in style. Do take note not to pick frames that cover your eyebrows. You don't want to appear tired without energy. 



#3. Keep it (toned) down

Keep the focus on your stylish specs with a toned-down makeup and ensemble. Heavy makeup and clear frames don’t go together. Best ditch the red lipstick and skip the smokey eyes and instead opt for the no-makeup makeup look. As for your clothing, aim for lighter colors rather than darker tones. Lighter colors will emphasize the transparency of your specs, highlight its original color, and make the angles of the frames become more prominent.

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There you see, these chic, stylish, and eye-catching frames make for great fashion statement pieces and styling them doesn't require rocket science. 

Ready to make a clear statement? Check out our line of transparent frames below:



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